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Welcome to the new Brava! web site and the Brava! blog “The Zen of Zaa”.  Second to making bellisimo pizza a mano (very beautiful hand made pizza) is our pleasure of personally connecting with our community, YOU, daily.  I get a kick out of chatting it up with Brava!’s faithful as their pies are making their quick but careful transformation from raw dough to a hot pie out of the oven. To that extent, our new web site allows us, through various channels, to have an open exchange with you, be it blogs, video blogs or the myriad of social networks; just like we’re right there on the street. The only thing missing is the zaa.

To us, food should be a pleasure experienced and enjoyed in the company and the conversation of others, made out in the open fostering honesty and integrity.  Food is more than fuel for the body – it is an extension and certainly an expression of the person behind its creation and to those enjoying its flavors and textures. Food is communion, in a very social sense separated from the religious connotation of the same word.  It is a connector, the most basic and common form of relating – bridging both friend and foe.

When we created Brava!, two years and at least 20,000 pies ago, our vision was one of offering hand-crafted pizza in its true and original form; great tasting thin crust, superior locally sourced ingredients, wood fire – solamente.   Considering we lacked the financial cha-cha to go with a formal restaurant, we decided instead for going street style, low overhead, in fact no overhead, literally, and do this out of a wood-fired oven on wheels.  I suppose some may consider this ‘organic’ growth.  Any way you dial it up, we have a passion for pizza, good pizza – and we wanted to be considered, tra i migliori, among the best, in Denver no matter its origin.   By all accounts, we’ve succeeded with big thanks going out to our most ardent supporters and fans.  I am a firm believer that as long as you have a drive and most certainly a passion for what you do, you will make it a success.  I am proof – as six years ago I took a leap of faith from a very stable – albeit extremely complacent, post in a corporate career going who knows where.  But more on that later…

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