About Pizzaiolo David

Brava! Pizzaria Pizzaiolo David Bravdica at the Downtown Location

Inspired and influenced by his Italian grandparents Rose and Pietro, David Bravdica won his passion from the wonderful traditional creations coming from their kitchen. Impressed and fed upon by dishes such as melanzani spremi (pressed and marinated eggplant) over crostini, hand made fresh goat ricotta ravioli and cavatelli, meat dishes such as braciole, house made sausage, and the coveted meatballs, Dave was hooked.

In 2006, Dave attended culinary school where he honed his skills as a student of classic French and Italian technique and, unapologetically, in the wine cellar for a well-rounded education.” From culinary school, returning to his roots, he continued his culinary journey in Italy on a self-guided eight-month food, wine and cultural education. Absorbed in learning skills such as artisan cheese and wine making and the art of natural cultivation of the land, Dave learned the true meaning of local and seasonal cooking. While working at a small Tuscan trattoria, he was able to further develop his skills and ultimate style in the kitchen.

Now, back home in Colorado, Dave brings this passion of food to the streets of Denver. He is an advocate for local, seasonal and natural foods; a movement that puts taste front and center.